Educating and Training Musicians

Our team will help you begin your path to the next level through education and training to help you avoid getting taken in the music business.

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Designed to educate and

train musicians to succeed

in the music business

Hosted by Tom Sabella
Co-host Traci Snowe

The Business Side of Music Podcast...

is one of the world's

most-listened to podcasts
for music business.

And is now downloading
in more than 137 countries
and growing

Tom Sabella and Traci Snowe

One of the keys in our playbook is connecting to people in the industry who have already been there. Through their years of accumulated knowledge, online courses and The Business Side of Music Podcast Tom and Traci will educate you in the vast array of new tools available and train you to implement them effectively.

Through our online courses, ebooks and podcast you can avoid being taken advantage of by industry sharks, outrageous recording and production costs, and typically costly marketing mistakes.

The Business Side of Music Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches musicians and singers vital information about the workings of the music industry. It is hosted by Tom Sabella, an established music industry consultant/educator, and Traci Snowe, a popular indie artist. More about Traci Snowe